Open letter about dutch wiv law (sleepwet)

Pitching security vs. privacy is asking the wrong question Does a “no” vote against the Law for the intelligence and security services (Wet inlichten- en veiligheidsdiensten, Wiv) make our society less secure? Proponents of the new law answer “yes” without any reservations. However we, researchers in cyber security, computer scientists... [Read More]

Docker container website proxy

When you have multiple docker containers running a webserver you can only have one container publishing on port 80/tcp and 443/tcp. If you don’t want url’s like https://name.tld:8000, you should create a reverse proxy server to expose all your websites on port 80/tcp and 443/tcp. To create a Docker service... [Read More]
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Docker swarm management containers/service

When running a Docker swarm there are some container/services that are realy handy to have. You want a graphical representation of your Docker swarm? There is a service for that. You want a UI for managing your Docker swarm? There is a service for that. You need to distribute your... [Read More]

Docker swarm on a Raspberry Pi

The goal is to create a Docker swarm cluster with 3 nodes for under 200 euro’s, but it still has to be capable to run a nginx proxy, couple of static websites, management UI for Docker, home automation and pi-hole. Because the limit is set to 200 euro’s the choice... [Read More]

Letsencrypt with Zimbra

Sins begin of 206 you can get free ssl certificates from letsencrypt. These certificates can also be used for Zimbra OSC mail server. By using this you no longer need the selfsigned certificates. [Read More]