Master password in Firefox? Do not bother!

There is a weakness common to any software letting you protect a piece of data with a password: how does that password translate into an encryption key? If that conversion is a fast one, then you better don’t expect the encryption to hold. Somebody who gets hold of that encrypted... [Read More]

Open letter about dutch wiv law (sleepwet)

Pitching security vs. privacy is asking the wrong question Does a “no” vote against the Law for the intelligence and security services (Wet inlichten- en veiligheidsdiensten, Wiv) make our society less secure? Proponents of the new law answer “yes” without any reservations. However we, researchers in cyber security, computer scientists... [Read More]

Docker container website proxy

When you have multiple docker containers running a webserver you can only have one container publishing on port 80/tcp and 443/tcp. If you don’t want url’s like https://name.tld:8000, you should create a reverse proxy server to expose all your websites on port 80/tcp and 443/tcp. To create a Docker service... [Read More]
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Docker swarm management containers/service

When running a Docker swarm there are some container/services that are realy handy to have. You want a graphical representation of your Docker swarm? There is a service for that. You want a UI for managing your Docker swarm? There is a service for that. You need to distribute your... [Read More]